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America's Other Pager Manufacturer!

Direct Dial launches it new web site offering products to keep you in touch with the world.

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We are now proud to be offering quality custom built computers at an affordable price.
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These pagers are of high quality and good value for your money. They come loaded with many features and a manufactures warranty of 15 months. All pagers will be programmed with your frequency and capcodes. Call or email us today for pricing.

*Available in black only.


  • Perfect size for all hands.

  • Small size with large function buttons.

  • Slide in/out holster case for easy viewing.

  • Scroll forward or backward, no other pager does this.

  • Over the air "Account Due" message defeats the clock , and stays up with pager still active.

  • Over the air "CPU Disable" renders the pager dead. Recrystal is not possible

  • Over the air re-enable after payment is received.

  • Limited color selection.

  • Inexpensive programmer includes pc software and cable.

  • Available in VHF & UHF frequencies. Limited availability on 900 MHZ pocsag format only at reduced prices. Sorry no 900 MHZ flex available.

If you are interested in ordering, pricing, or for more information you can email us at or call us at (803) 794-3374.

Quantity discounts available!
Call Today For Pricing!


We also repair pagers. For more information and pricing please email us at or call us at (803) 936-1297.

If you are a Global Access customer and need to return pagers for repair
click here for your repair return authorization form.


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