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Repair Return Authorization Form


Tracking number:

To return a pager(s) under our fifteen(15) month (Elite) or twelve(12) month (Explorer) warranty program please print this form, complete the following information, enclose it with your repair return, and send to our repair center.
List multiple returns on the back or on separate page.
This return procedure is for wholesale customers only. Retail customers must return their pager to the point of purchase.

Customer Name: _______________________________________________________

Shipping Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ________________________________  State: ___________  Zip: __________

Telephone: (_____) _______________

Fax: (_____) ________________  Email: __________________________________

Pager Serial Number: _______________________

Describe the problem: ___________________________________________________


For non-warranty repairs maximum dollar limit for repair per unit? $____________

All non-warranty repairs must be paid for in advance with a credit card or repairs will be returned C.O.D. freight collect. By providing your credit card information you will avoid unnecessary C.O.D. charges. Refused shipments will be reshipped with freight charges added.

Visa    MasterCard  (please circle one)   Card # ________-________-________-________

Name on card: ___________________________________ Expiration date: ________

Address: ____________________________________________
     (must be same as address on file with credit card company)

Authorized signature: _____________________________________________

**Please Note That We Have A New Ship To Address...Please Update Your Records!!!
Please ship your return to:
Direct Dial Communications, Inc.
Repair Division
208 Hightower Drive
Augusta, GA 30907

Make a copy of this report for your records and ship via a traceable carrier.
We can not be responsible for lost or undelivered merchandise.